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Saturday 26th September and 

Sunday 27th September 2020

Welcome to Grantham Arts Trail

Ceramics Update:-

The following items will be at Grantham Museum for collection from 12 November 2019

Amber's beautiful bowl

Lyidia's lovely lion

Harrisons brilliant brontosaurus

Harriet's teriffic turtle (Dad's unique unicorn is waiting firing)

Janice's marvellous mobile

Nina Cruz can you please contact us regarding your items

Items for glazing will take a little longer as I need a full kiln to run it and not many people wanted glazed work but I will post on here once they are ready.

A few items needed repair (btis dropped off or they cracked as they sometimes do with clay) so if it is not on the list it had to be repaired which means they will take a little longer but I will update here and on our Facebook page (Grantham Arts Trail) as soon as they are ready.

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