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Historical Grantham Lino Print 

Lino Print Workshop 

Classes at Grantham Museum brought people together to create lino cut prints of Grantham's rich history 

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Transfering image 

In addition to traditional ways such as drawing on your desired design, printed images can be transferred for those who do not have drawing skills 

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Final print 

After a lot of hard work, you can enjoy using different coloured inks to create your design 

Grantham Museum

Cutting out 

Students learned how to cut lino to create an image for printing. Working in the negative is often a challenge so transferring an image can make it easier 

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The fun bit

After the hard work of carving out your design from the lino, you can then use the print press to trasfer your design to paper



Final works will be exhibited at Grantham Museum - come along and see how many historical buildings and places you recognise 

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