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My Grantham Family 

We worked with a number of community groups and local people to create 'My Grantham Family',  an installation in and around Grantham Town.  We will have it fully installed by the end of March and a list of venues will appear below as we install items in shops and venues.  Please check back to find all the venues and take a tour of Grantham to visit the families and friends on display in and around the town. 

Find the figures at these locations-

Jubilee Church 

Grantham Museum

Wyndham Park

Digby's Cafe

My Grantham Family session at Jubilee Church
Dawn's Dad, if you know him, you'll recognise the hair!
Can you find Julie in the shops/
Family to find

This project was funded via the following source as part of the High Street Action Zone project

HAZ Funding Logo
Historic England and SKDC
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