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In 2023 we were honoured to be invited to create an installation at the Guildhall Arts Centre in Grantham for Remembrance Sunday.  We were overwhelmed with the volunteers who came forward to help us create poppies and take part in this emotive display.  The installation was just short of 2,000 poppies and we had around 100 volunteers of all ages busily stitching them together for us including St Anne's Cubs and Scouts.  Grantham College students took part in decorating the four figures - A paratrooper, a tommy, a land girl and a WRN.  The WRN was in honour of Joan Briggs who is shown opposite.  If you are wondering how a WRN was connected to land locked Grantham - she was married to the Mayor.  It was lovely to meet her and see her pose in in front of the installation.  

We hope to further develop this installation in 2024

Poppy cascade

Each camouflage net had approximately 1000 poppies stitched onto it.  Many poppies were made by volunteers who attended workshops or took materials to make them at home 

Poppy Fall at Grantham Guildhall

Women's Royal Navy Service and Paratrouper 

Although Grantham is 'land locked' we honoured the WRN because one of them was married to the Mayor of Grantham.  Lincolnshire's flat landscape lent itself to the Air Force providing space for aircraft to take off and land and still hosts a number of air bases. 

Wren and Tommy at the Guildhall.  Made by Grantham College Students

Land Army and Tommy

The land girls are often forgotten as part of the war effort however without them food would have been even more in short supply.  The Tommy next to her were the foot soldiers in battle and mainly served in the trenches

Paratrooper and land girl made by Grantham College

Joan Briggs

It was an honour to meet Joan Briggs who served in the WRNS and married the Mayor of Grantham, taking his side as the Mayoress.  here she is with our interpretation of the WRN, taking a salute 

Joan Briggs with her Wren image created by Grantham College

Lest we forget

It was an honour to work on this project for Remembrance Sunday 

Lest we forget
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